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Hanne & Lore

Steffen Neuhaus and Stefan Helmke are Hanne & Lore, a duo from Germany, who have been around with their individual and unconventional sound for years. Over time they’ve always devoted themselves to music by doing label work and events. But they’ve also dedicated most of their time to DJing and creating their own pervasive and unique sound.

The sound of Hanne & Lore cannot be categorized and doesn’t have to be. It’s like a collage of different ideas and approaches, of drums, vocals, or melody-parts. Hanne & Lore create their distinctive tracks such as Malena, Supergirl, Blah or Turn it on, by recording sketches and snippets just on the go during everyday life and then later working them up in the studio.
Their productions are released on labels as Monaberry, Terminal M, My Best Friend, Style Rockets, Kittball, Snatch!, Kraftek or SOSO. Beyond that they worked with artists such as Super Flu, Zombie Disco Squad, Monkey Safari, Niconé, Oliver Schories, Sébastian Léger or Andhim.

In 2013 the duo founded its own new label Heulsuse, whose releases can practically always be found in the Beatport- and DJ-Charts. Of course, a Heulsuse Podcast-series with guest artists like Thomas Schumacher, Zombie Disco Squad and 7 Days Awake should not be omitted, nor merchandise and concise releases on vinyl and tape!

Hanne & Lore have played in regarded clubs as Ego Club, Birgit&Bier, Wilde Renate, Harry Klein, Flex, Hive or Watergate as well as on festivals as Nature One, Rave on Snow, Nation on Gondwana and the Helene Beach Festival among others.

Their handpicked mixsessions and podcasts for e.g. MIXMAG, TRNDMusik, Soundspace UK, Electronic Groove, WhenWeDip, MusicIs4Lovers USA or Electronic Beats stand for their unique style, which has already created a stir beyond the borders of Germany.